Xinxiang Dahan Machinery

In the past 20 years, Dahan has been committed to the development of more than 600 sets of production equipment, production and marketing in more than 160 countries. Good reputation is our foundation in the industry, customer satisfaction more than 99%. The factory area is about 350000 square meters, we are an efficient and reliable partner.

From design, production to sales to provide complete assembly line services, committed to solving all kinds of transportation problems, in the process of development for many years, the introduction of external advanced technology to improve and upgrade the original equipment, according to the needs of customers to innovate.

So far, we have provided services to more than 1000 customers in all major industries, solved the problem of thousands of transportation screening, we have refined several problems, hope to help you:

Environmental protection problems, stop dust removal, prevent pollution, easy to clean.

Process control, accurate delivery, reduce labor and maintenance costs.

Less space, energy consumption, low noise.

Which materials do you need to transport or screen, which are abrasive, fragile, corrosive, fragile, inflatable, high water content, powder, solid or mud , etc.

Why Us

  • Our Machinery Research Institute provide you professional products
  • Our product with international level quality reduce your breakdown time
  • 80 serviced countries and regions make us service for you better
  • A variety of honor to witness provides quality assurance for you
  • We provide you with all-round, one stop services