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At Dahan, quality and reliability, safety and business efficiency are our top priorities for more than 30 years. Based on this positioning and continuous innovation, Dahan is the world's leading supplier of mechanical components for the bulk materials industry.

Dahan uses the latest cutting-edge technology to create low-maintenance, energy-efficient systems. Our engineers create new products and solutions to solve unique process challenges and provide Dahan customers with tested equipment from 30 years of industry knowledge.

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The Dahan team works with you to customize design and engineering solutions for your toughest machining problems.

Variety of customizable sizes to suit a variety of industry scenarios and space requirements
Larger throughput, decades of technical experience, continuous iterations to increase production
Reliable product material, using selected high-quality steel to create a long-wearing vibrator
Flexible combination system for easy connection to other conveyors and screening equipment
Technical staff guidance,dedicated team responsible for each of our machines and continuous after-sales technical solutions